Discover the 3 Parts to Detoxing Your Mind for Optimum Health with Carl Massy

detoxOne of the keys to achieving optimum health is detoxification. But it turns out that just detoxifying the body is not enough (though a GREAT place to start).

We also want to ensure we detoxify the mind, as the result of toxic thinking and stressful thinking patterns, leads to stress for the body.  And stress definitely equals more harmful toxins in our bodies. In this podcast I talk about the 3 areas you need to focus on when it comes to detoxing the mind.

The result of a mental detox is more energy, more vitality, more happiness and better health for your body.

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When Your Reality Sucks, Here’s What You Have to Do

reality1I have had a number of coaching sessions lately where the same issue has come up and it is causing a whole lot of pain and discomfort. My clients were feeling boxed-in, powerless, and definitely not in control.

The problem was the perspective they had taken on the ‘reality’ they were focused on.

Let me share with you, what I shared with them. And how they could change their reality, so they felt freer, more relaxed and definitely more in control.

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The Keys to Increasing Self-Love: Interview with Angela Perez

angelaThis week I was very fortunate to interview Spanish-born yoga, meditation, and Tantra teacher, Angela Perez. She comes with a wealth of experience when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves. Especially that elusive thing called ‘SELF-LOVE’. She shares some amazing insights and strategies to help you increase self-love.

We all figure we could do with more, but most people do not know where to start. A low level of self-love is common with all of my coaching clients too. So I am really excited to be able to ask Angela specifically what she recommends are the things we can do to build up our level of self-love.

I also share some of my biggest insights from working with my coaching clients.

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How to Create More Meaning and Therefore Happiness in Your Life

FYHThis weeks Happiness Class is a personal coaching session just for you. In this weeks Class, I (Carl Massy) will do a coaching session with you on what meaning you have created in your life.

The happiness research suggests that a very big part of happiness is related to the ‘meaning we have in our lives’.

So in this Coaching Session, I talk about where we need to look and what we need to do to bring even more meaning into our lives. I hope you enjoy the Class and get a lot out of personal clarity out of the Coaching Session!







How to Not Fall Back into Old Behaviours

habit1This week I answer a great question posed by a listener from Netherlands who asked me to talk on the topic of ‘how not to fall back into old behaviours’. And to put it into context we are talking about bad habits like smoking, gambling, drinking, short temper, and greed.

Those ‘darker’ emotions. So in this podcast I explain how habits are formed, why they may persist and a strategy to move beyond them. We all have bad habits we would like to be rid of forever. This might be your chance to learn how.

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How to Live More Consciously in 2014

lotusIn this Happiness Class, I introduce the intention for the Happiness Class in 2014. where we are going to be focused on ‘Conscious Living’. How to experience more happiness (and positive emotions) in our lives by choosing the right tools, tips and strategies which will be shared over the year.

I also share some great Happiness insights from the movie ‘About Time’ by the writer of Love Actually and Notting Hill. There is a very profound insight shared in the movie.

Here’s to a more consciously happy 2014!






How to Hardwire Happiness in 2014 with Carl Massy

hardwiringHello 2014!!

In this Happiness Class, we take a look at a great book called ‘Hardwiring Happiness’ by Rich Hanson PhD; and share his version of a technique for bringing more happiness in your life on a consistent basis. To the extent where we are actually wiring ourselves to experience happiness as our default.

This is a powerful, potentially life-changing and 30-second strategy you really want to check out.

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Why we MUST meditate in this modern age

prayerYou have probably heard before that meditation is good for you. Probably even been told it is great for you. But what I want to share with you in this podcast is why it is an absolute must in the modern age we are living in.

Stress levels are going up. People may be living longer, but are they doing so in a healthy and vibrant body? In this podcast I will be taking the gloves off and letting you know why if you want to be a peak performer in life (or even an above average performer winking) you need to tap into the power of meditation.

Let me truly motivate you into action by sharing with you the biggest WHY. You owe it to yourself to listen to this Strategic Happiness Podcast.




2 Awesomely Effective and Simple Strategies on Managing Your Emotions

happy guyHave you ever stopped to consider the idea that emotions are everything? That it is what we feel, that matters most. It is not the new shiny red Porsche that is the big deal it is the FEELINGS that we experience as a result of owning or driving in or seeing that car. What makes us move? What makes us do anything? It is emotions. Since they are so important, I want to share with you a couple of awesomely effective but simple strategies.

Last week I attended a 5-Day course on the LifeLine Technique, presented by the creator of the system – Dr Darren Weissman. To say that the course was insightful would be selling it short. I prefer to use the term – mind popping. It was simply amazing and I recommend it to anyone else – regardless if it is for you personally or to use as a professional tool with clients. It is superb!

The big theme of the training and the stuff that we most need to understand for joy, success, happiness and fulfillment in life is EMOTIONS. So in this podcast I will share with you just 2 tools you can use immediately to better manage and utilise the power of your emotions.

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The Essential Ingredient to Activating the Law of Attraction

MMAs you are well aware, there is lots of talk about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how you can get anything you want if you just think about it long and hard enough. Unfortunately life requires a little more effort than this. It is not enough to think. That is why I talk in this podcast about the missing key, that most people miss – leaving them in the realm of wishful thinking.

Learn why you need to add this essential ingredient to activate the Law of Attraction and why it works. Described to you in a very practical and concise way; so you truly get it and can start using it to your best advantage.


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