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Book Review: You Are The Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza


And welcome to this months Book Review podcast.

This is one of my favourite books, favourite author and favourite teacher.

This book is a game changer.

It is packed with good quality science, plus lots of examples about how effective the Placebo Effect really is. And how you can capitalize on it – making you the placebo (as the title suggests).

You will be AMAZED at just how incredible the power of the mind really is.

Not hearing this line anecdotally, but reading numerous examples of it in this book.

In the podcast I even talk about how the Placebo Effect has an impact on surgery, as Dr Mosely highlights in an incredible experiment he conducted. Check out a short BBC Documentary to hear the details, and see the effects.

I also talk in this podcast about the ‘Nocebo’ Effect, which less people know about, but which has a huge impact on us all.

Enjoy the podcast and then get yourself a copy of the book!
Take care

Conversations with Carl – Kate Williams – How to Use Intuition to Discern the Truth


Welcome to the second ‘Conversations with Carl‘ for 2022.

Today’s Guest is Kate Williams, who is a spiritual teacher and psychic channel, and I thought she would be the perfect person to have a conversation about when it comes to ‘Discerning the Truth (with a capital ‘T’) using tools like Intuition’.

My book – Decision Making Mastery – is about how to make better decisions, so we can be a co-creator in our destiny. And one of the most important things when it comes to making great decisions, is have great (and truthful) information to base our decisions on.

So our conversation was a very practical look at how we can build up or connect more with our intuition, so we can sort out the Truth from lies, or half-truths, or just useless fodder.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

I talk about my great experience with getting a ‘Life Purpose Reading‘ from Kate, so it is something I highly recommend to all of my colleagues and clients. Check out Kate’s website for more details.

Have a great day and take care

Balance Life Meditation

Guided Meditation – LAY DOWN, LAY BACK, and RELAX.


It is time for my monthly Guided Meditation and it is time for you to LAY BACK and RELAX.

This Guided Meditation is to help you put your body and mind into a deeply relaxed state of being, so you fully relax into the reorganization and realigning of your body from the inside out.

I also help you to shine a little brighter from the inside out.


And see you next week.

PS: Please share this meditation with anyone you thing could benefit with a bit more relaxation in their lives. Feel free to download it too, so you can share it or listen to it ‘offline’. 

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Why and How to Be Your Own Doctor


This might be a little bit of a controversial subject, given the last year, but if you have been listening to me for awhile, you know I am a believer in each of us being SuperHuman, and being WAY more powerful than we have been lead to believe.

We have also seen over the last 2 years some terrible decisions, presented by official agencies and official sounding people, when it comes to things that protect or increase our health.

I am sorry, but I think I care more about me (and have to care more about me) than someone else who is busy, probably tired, stressed, has lots of other patients, is ‘on the clock’, and probably does not have time to do research on optimum health or even practice it themselves.

It is time for us to be the ‘second opinion’ when it comes to the diagnosis for any ailments we have. Anyway, check out the podcast. I rant a little bit – but hopefully not too much.

I know you get this.
Now it is time to trust in yourself and capabilities more and step into your power of self.

If you want to power up in the company of a great small group of SuperHumans for 9-months, do check out my 9-month Coaching & Mastermind Program. Click here for all the details.

All the very best and take care.

Caveat: I am not a Doctor or ‘registered’ medical professional, so if you do have any serious illnesses, do consult with a professional (and then be the ‘second opinion’. 

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Book Review: The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof


This is not only a great book, but it is a great book about a great technique that has the potential to make huge impacts on peoples health. The validation of its method are from the 1000’s of people that have got positive and sometime miraculous results, plus the feedback from numerous scientific studies that have been done on Wim Hof.

For me personally, after about 10 days of practice, I can already feel less inflammation in my knees. I am loving that outcome!!

If you don’t know Wim Hof, just do a search on the Iceman on YouTube and you will get a sense of what he is capable of (including having about 26 world records to his name). More importantly he was able to survive and thrive after his wife committed suicide, leaving him 4 young children. His story is quite amazing.   

I loved reading about the origins of the Wim Hof Method. How he came to understand the benefits and unique combination of breathwork, cold exposure and mindset.

I also love Wim Hof’s philosophy about getting out of the comfort zone and us being a little too dependent on ‘things’ to keep us comfortable, and as a result have lost some resiliency and a lot of human potential – physically and mentally.

I encourage you to read the book – but more importantly I encourage you to try the method for yourself. Wim Hof even has an App to make it easier for you to do. It is an excellent daily investment in your health – only 20 mins a day!!

If you are interested in finding out more about my 2022 Coaching and Mastermind Group Experience, click on this link.

Have a fantastic day. 

A Conversation about Expression of the Feminine with Simone Stocker


This episode is the first of my month ‘conversations’ with different professional colleagues where we discuss a subject that is in their area of expertise.

Today’s podcast is with a coaching colleague of mine – Simone Stocker – who did a 1-year apprenticeship with me many moons ago, after meeting her at The Practice yoga centre in Bali, where she was completing her Yoga Teacher Training course.

Since then she has been coaching individuals, groups, plus running workshops and retreats in Europe. And she has created a beautiful journal called Blossome.

When I decided I wanted to have a conversation about how to (practically) allow or bring the divine feminine into our lives, I thought Simone might be a great one to talk with as she is definitely very familiar with the topic and how it shows up in different peoples lives.

I hope that you enjoy the conversation and topic and do share if you get the urge, or let me know what topics you would like me to have future conversations about.

To find out more about my 9-month Coaching & Mastermind Group program click on this link.

To follow Simone’s work:

Website or Instagram

The Podcast by Dr Zack Bush and Aubrey Marcus that inspired my conversation is on YouTube here.

And I am pretty sure I mentioned a couple of books:

– Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin (plus I did a book review on an earlier podcast)

– UBUNTU Contributionism by Michael Tellinger

Enjoy the conversation and please reach out if ever you need a helping hand.

Take care Carl

Balance Belief Life Meditation

Guided Meditation – Tuning Into Your Heart


Each month I record a Guided Meditation, so the time we spend together – learning and growing – includes working on your inner landscape.

Doing inner mindfulness work is essential for creating the right vessel for bringing awesomeness into the world, and experience the most calm, peace, creativity and joy.

This meditation is about Tuning Into Your Heart and was a short guided meditation I did on our final call of the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week bootcamp.

I also spoke about my 9-Month Group Coaching Program with a focus on major transitioning, business building or business creation, and for coaches wanting to improve their business. If you are curious, do check it out. There are a maximum of 8 people, so the level of support is very high. 

If you ever need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out too. 

Have an awesome day.
Take care

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How to Build Better Humans (Good Exercise and Nutrition are not Enough)


So I was recently working out in a Crossfit gym in Bali and I was reading their tagline. It was ‘Building Better Humans’. That is a great target to be aiming for. I am a fan.

However, as I saw people immersed with their phones (taking lots of pictures of themselves), strutting around like peacocks, showing off their 6-packs, and their moves on the rings or horizontal bars, I started to question the ‘better’ bit. There was also a strong feeling of ‘competition’ and ‘hey look at me’.

As a result – and inspired by my research into my book ‘The Guidebook to Optimum Health’ – I started to look again at what needs to be added to the exercise arsenal, when it comes to creating better humans. Because a really fit-looking narcissist is not a ‘better human’ in my mind. 🙂

I think there are two other BIG things to focus on, which I share in this podcast.
Let me know if you agree.

If you want to join the Group Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp, click on this link.

I am also putting together the small team of Superhumans, that will be joining me for a 9-month coaching program in 2022, where I teach you everything I have learned in 52 years and you get to integrate it. Click here for all the information.   

To find out more about the books I mention, go to this link.

(Plus remember you can listen to the whole audiobook of ‘The Successful Mind‘ on my podcast channel). 

Have a super fabulous day and please share my podcasts with others. 
All the best.

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Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life (Consciousness, Money, and $$$ Back in Your Pocket!!)


Welcome to 2022 and my first podcast of 2022!!
I wish you all the very best for today and the rest of the year. 🙂

As an upgrade on the New Year, I have decided to get a little more strategic about what I offer with my podcasts. So each month I will be doing 4 different formats: 1) Book Review, 2) Guest Conversation, 3) A topic and integration strategies, and 4) Guided Meditation.

So to get the party started, this is a BOOK REVIEW of a great book on MONEY $$$$. I teach about consciousness in all areas of our lives, and this is a biggie, as money has the potential to knock us out of consciousness and get seriously triggered.

The book is:
Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Here website for more information is:

I also mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp, where you can either do the ‘self-paced’ version and start NOW, or there will be a Group program starting on 12 March 2022.

Check out all the details here

Have a super day and take care.

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A 2022 Message of Possibility and Opportunity, but There is a Caveat…


Welcome to the tail end of 2021 if you are listening to this before the start of 2022. And if you are hearing this in 2022, welcome to a message that might be just what you need to hear.

I actually think the last couple of years have been shaping us, and crafting us for a bit of a break-out experience in 2022.

I see the possibilities as huge, and the creative powers flowing in a way that brings new, interesting and meaningful things into our lives in a much quicker way.

But there is a caveat that I think is VERY important to consider, and you will have to listen to the podcast to hear what I think is a major part of turning 2022 into a THRIVE-FEST!!

As always, if you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also I mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp in 2022, starting in March. For more details go to 

Have a great close to 2021 and an AWESOME start to 2022. 
Take care

PS: Sorry about the sound of rain in the background. It seems whoever controls the weather was not really interested in my ‘plans’.