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Book Review: The Real Anthony Fauci (and Is ignorance bliss?)


Thanks for joining me for this Book Review podcast, which I was wondering how best to present.

The first thing I ask, at the start of the podcast is whether “ignorance is bliss” and at the end I finish with what I think about ignorance being bliss’.

The author of the book I am talking on today, who comes from a very well known US family (his uncle was President JFK and his father was a former US Attorney General).

Robert Kennedy Jnr was once the darling of the talk shows, environmentalists, liberals, and most people in general, as he (as a lawyer) was taking to court industries and regulating bodies that were poisoning the waterways in the USA with toxic heavy metals like mercury. People loved him and knew he cared about the people – just like President JFK.

However, he was then approached by a number of concerned citizens about potential harmful ingredients in vaccines, and suddenly, he was no longer a darling, but a conspirator. It seems he poked the wrong bear. 😉

I am a HUGE fan of LEARNING, and learning requires us to quest for knowledge. And quest for knowledge from different sources and different people. And with over 2000 references & footnotes, and the input of hundreds of doctors, scientists and researchers, this is a very well presented (and yes very revealing) source of knowledge and potential wisdom.

Do check it out, and then make up your own mind about what you want to believe and perceived.
It turns out…ignorance is NOT bliss. 😉

All the very best.

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