Getting Raw with Chef and Chocolatier Cat Cannizzaro

catIn this Happiness Class Damo and Carl interview Chef and Chocolatier Cat Cannizzaro who is an amazing Raw Food Chef. You get to find out exactly what eating raw means, what it looks like and how to do it.

Plus Damo and Carl talk to Cat about the philosophy behind food and what it means to each with consciousness. They also share some great ideas and insights into how we can have a better relationship to the food we eat.

So it is not just about Raw Food eating, it is how to eat in a way that brings the greatest levels of health, vitality and happiness in life. In a fun way!

By the way Damo likes a bit of bacon and a steak on occassion, so there are some interesting perspectives shared.

We apologize for the sound of Carl’s microphone. He was traveling at the time of the recording and had a slightly crappy mic.

All the very best.




How to win ‘The War on the Ego’

goodbadI was recently asked a great question by a listener in the USA.

Destiny asked me: “I was going to ask if possible, can he please cover things about the ego, and how to get rid of our egos to increase happiness. Thank you smiley

So in this Strategic Happiness Podcast, I answer Destinty’s question about how you can tame this seemingly out of control thing called the ‘Ego’ in order to increase your level of happiness.

If you have a question you would like to ask, just go to and leave your question on the contact form or connect with me on Facebook.

Have an awesome day!




5 Things You Must Do to Get to the Next Level

nextI don’t know about you, but I am not using 100% of my potential. I am not living life at the top level of Carl Massy. So I am speculating that maybe you too have a few levels to go to really get things shaking and moving in your life.

The other thing about going to the next level is it is hard-wired into us. We have a very real need to grow in life. To step up to the next level. Therefore if we are not growing we are also likely to feel unfulfilled.

So what are the best things you (and me) can do to take ourselves up to the next elusive level of happiness, health, vitality, success and fulfillment?

In this podcast I share with you what I believe are the 5 main things we all need to do to really tap into our inner greatness.

Here’s to your onwards and upwards journey!!





Discover the 8 Key Traits of Highly Successful People

guidetosuccess1The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common by Richard St John

Have you ever wondered what it was that actually lead to someone being highly successful? Do you wish you knew so you could get a bit of that success action too?

Psychologists suggest that there is a real link between happiness and success as well.

So in this weeks podcast I review a great book written by Richard St John called ‘The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common‘. He conducted 500 interviews over 10 years and is also himself successful, so it really is an informed read.

It is no surprise that the number 1 trait of successful people is they have PASSION!!!

The following 7 are (as shown on the diagram):

  1. WORK
  2. FOCUS
  3. PUSH
  4. IDEAS
  6. SERVE




Why we MUST meditate in this modern age

prayerYou have probably heard before that meditation is good for you. Probably even been told it is great for you. But what I want to share with you in this podcast is why it is an absolute must in the modern age we are living in.

Stress levels are going up. People may be living longer, but are they doing so in a healthy and vibrant body? In this podcast I will be taking the gloves off and letting you know why if you want to be a peak performer in life (or even an above average performer winking) you need to tap into the power of meditation.

Let me truly motivate you into action by sharing with you the biggest WHY. You owe it to yourself to listen to this Strategic Happiness Podcast.




2 Awesomely Effective and Simple Strategies on Managing Your Emotions

happy guyHave you ever stopped to consider the idea that emotions are everything? That it is what we feel, that matters most. It is not the new shiny red Porsche that is the big deal it is the FEELINGS that we experience as a result of owning or driving in or seeing that car. What makes us move? What makes us do anything? It is emotions. Since they are so important, I want to share with you a couple of awesomely effective but simple strategies.

Last week I attended a 5-Day course on the LifeLine Technique, presented by the creator of the system – Dr Darren Weissman. To say that the course was insightful would be selling it short. I prefer to use the term – mind popping. It was simply amazing and I recommend it to anyone else – regardless if it is for you personally or to use as a professional tool with clients. It is superb!

The big theme of the training and the stuff that we most need to understand for joy, success, happiness and fulfillment in life is EMOTIONS. So in this podcast I will share with you just 2 tools you can use immediately to better manage and utilise the power of your emotions.

For a copy of The Guidebook to Happiness, check out:

Dr Darren Weissman:

The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude book:

3 Ways to Remove Bad Habits

smokingPLUS The 30-Day Habit Switch Challenge…

If you are like the rest of us, you are bound to have a few bad habits that you would rather be without. In this Strategic Happiness Episode, I (Carl) share 3 methods of removing habits and I also suggests that different habits, at different times, in different areas of our life might actually require a different method to remove them. As with most things, one size does not fit all.

So check out what the 3 methods for removing bad habits are and see which one best works for you.

To help you kick a bad habit I have also produced a tracking sheet, which you can access by clicking on the link: The 30 Day Habit Switch Challenge.

Make sure you use it and you WILL change your life over time.






5 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

rechargedA necessary step to ensuring your big goals and dreams for 2013 actually have a chance of being realised

I am recording this Strategic Happiness Podcast on 11 February 2013. We are a little into 2013 now. And it is a good time to take a quick look at how our goal setting is progressing for 2013. How are your ambitious plans for 2013 looking right now? If you are like me and probably about 97.6% of other people who set goals for 2013; you are already feeling a little overwhelmed and perhaps even a little deflated. Providing the goals you set really are the things that most inspire, excite and move you; the next thing you are going to need is the energy to do what needs to be done. Therefore this Strategic Happiness Podcast is my 5 big (guaranteed) Tips for increasing your energy levels so you can achieve those big goals you have for 2013.

All the best for 2013!!

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The Essential Ingredient to Activating the Law of Attraction

MMAs you are well aware, there is lots of talk about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how you can get anything you want if you just think about it long and hard enough. Unfortunately life requires a little more effort than this. It is not enough to think. That is why I talk in this podcast about the missing key, that most people miss – leaving them in the realm of wishful thinking.

Learn why you need to add this essential ingredient to activate the Law of Attraction and why it works. Described to you in a very practical and concise way; so you truly get it and can start using it to your best advantage.


PS: To get your free sample of The Guidebook to Happiness, click on this link:




What your speed has to do with your results

slowHow fast are you moving through life at the moment? In the society we live in there is so much ‘stuff’ competing for our attention. There are so many things we think we ‘have to’ do.

In this Strategic Happiness Podcast, I talk about a session I recently had with a Coaching Client and some of the profoundly pertinent reminders and insights that came out of the session. So I share with you 4 specific things that were affecting them from experiencing more happiness in their life and also the things that are essential when it comes to weathering the inevitable storms or challenges we will experience in life. 4 simple Tips – 4 HUGE implications if you apply them consistently and persistently.

Also a reminder to check out The Guidebook to Happiness on Amazon or at It is packed with Happiness Strategies and also comes with a whole host of free resources to help you increase your default level of happiness. Enjoy!!