How to Enhance the Healing Process within Your Body

human bodyHi there,

One of my favourite subjects in life is how to create optimum health in our bodies, so we are more vibrant, radiant, energized and as a result able to do big things in our life.

It is hard to achieve big things in life – to achieve our biggest goals or desires – if we don’t have the energy, health or vibrancy to do it.

I wrote ‘The Guidebook to Optimum Health’ to take a deep dive at what things are most effective in creating optimum health for us all. And part of that exploration was the acknowledgment that exercise and good nutrition alone are not enough.

The field of psychoneuroimmunology also acknowledges that our psychological state can have an impact on our immune system and therefore our overall health.

So this podcast is about a simple action we can take to enhance the innate healing abilities of our very intelligent bodies (which have been learning and evolving for 1000’s and 1000’s of years).

I hope you enjoy it. If you want to read a sample of ‘The Guidebook to Optimum Health’ then click on the link below.

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If Your Dr is Not Telling You This then Sack Them

medicalThis Happiness Class podcast comes from one of the most IMPASSIONED and controversial videos I have ever recorded. I have a message I NEED to share. This knowledge is for people who want to know the real truth about health, who want to look younger, who want more vitality, and who want more energy so they can achieve their big goals.

This is the information that the media, the government, the medical industry, and health professionals need to provide us – but don’t. This is information you and the people you care about need to know.

You need to hear this. In fact we all need to hear this. And we need to share the message. We need to take back our health care and DEMAND more from our health care professionals. The quality of our lives and the difference we will make in our lifetime depends on this knowledge.

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Ayurveda as a Path to Health & Happiness: Interview with Lissa Coffey

LissaCoffey-19In today’s Happiness Class we are so lucky to be joined by Lissa Coffey who is a lifestyle, relationship and wellness expert who serves up an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style on her website.

Lissa has been on ‘Good Morning America’, ‘The Today Show’ and is a regular feature on television, radio and in print. She is also the author of 7 books and most beneficially for us, she is an expert at integrating an Ayurvedic Lifestyle into our modern lives to increase our happiness and health.

In this podcast she explains to us what an Ayurvedic Lifestyle is and how it would look as a day in your life. I (Carl) personally picked up some great tips that were new for me, so I am sure you will get a lot out of it. Lissa’s latest book is called ‘The Perfect Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to a Lighter body, Mind, Spirit and Space’.

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That Sugar Film – Interview with Damon Gameau

damoToday Damo and I were so lucky and so are you.

We had the privilege to interview a great Australian actor and acclaimed filmmaker – Damon Gameau – to talk about his upcoming documentary ‘That Sugar Film’. A super-size me type film where he consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, for 60-days (which is not that much higher than teenagers generally consume worldwide). I can tell you know, this is a film you don’t want to miss; because he reveals some startling facts in this interview, as well as sharing his extremely broad knowledge of health and the impact of sugar on the body, moods and mind.

Damon is also a lot of fun and somehow we got onto the Tantra Retreat that Damo and Damon met at in Bali where a little bromance started. Abd it did get a bit confusing for Carl with the Damo’s & Damon’s. This is one of our favourite interviews to date. One because of the topic. Two because of the depth of insight Damon shares and thirdly because he is a pretty funny dude as well. Get ready to be informed and entertained. Have an awesome day. Cheers Damo & Carl PS: Here is Damon’s website here.




Getting Raw with Chef and Chocolatier Cat Cannizzaro

catIn this Happiness Class Damo and Carl interview Chef and Chocolatier Cat Cannizzaro who is an amazing Raw Food Chef. You get to find out exactly what eating raw means, what it looks like and how to do it.

Plus Damo and Carl talk to Cat about the philosophy behind food and what it means to each with consciousness. They also share some great ideas and insights into how we can have a better relationship to the food we eat.

So it is not just about Raw Food eating, it is how to eat in a way that brings the greatest levels of health, vitality and happiness in life. In a fun way!

By the way Damo likes a bit of bacon and a steak on occassion, so there are some interesting perspectives shared.

We apologize for the sound of Carl’s microphone. He was traveling at the time of the recording and had a slightly crappy mic.

All the very best.