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Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life (Consciousness, Money, and $$$ Back in Your Pocket!!)


Welcome to 2022 and my first podcast of 2022!!
I wish you all the very best for today and the rest of the year. 🙂

As an upgrade on the New Year, I have decided to get a little more strategic about what I offer with my podcasts. So each month I will be doing 4 different formats: 1) Book Review, 2) Guest Conversation, 3) A topic and integration strategies, and 4) Guided Meditation.

So to get the party started, this is a BOOK REVIEW of a great book on MONEY $$$$. I teach about consciousness in all areas of our lives, and this is a biggie, as money has the potential to knock us out of consciousness and get seriously triggered.

The book is:
Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Here website for more information is:

I also mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp, where you can either do the ‘self-paced’ version and start NOW, or there will be a Group program starting on 12 March 2022.

Check out all the details here

Have a super day and take care.

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A 2022 Message of Possibility and Opportunity, but There is a Caveat…


Welcome to the tail end of 2021 if you are listening to this before the start of 2022. And if you are hearing this in 2022, welcome to a message that might be just what you need to hear.

I actually think the last couple of years have been shaping us, and crafting us for a bit of a break-out experience in 2022.

I see the possibilities as huge, and the creative powers flowing in a way that brings new, interesting and meaningful things into our lives in a much quicker way.

But there is a caveat that I think is VERY important to consider, and you will have to listen to the podcast to hear what I think is a major part of turning 2022 into a THRIVE-FEST!!

As always, if you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also I mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp in 2022, starting in March. For more details go to 

Have a great close to 2021 and an AWESOME start to 2022. 
Take care

PS: Sorry about the sound of rain in the background. It seems whoever controls the weather was not really interested in my ‘plans’.

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How to Fully Express Your Multi-Dimensional Superhuman-ness


I hope you are having a super day. And talking super days, today I wanted to talk about how you are a multi-dimensional being, of the super human kind, and what that looks like in action.

I talk about these inner ‘parts’ of you that allow you to come up with the right, creative solutions in any situation. I use the example of your inner LEADER, WARRIOR and SAGE, to show how you can draw on them to navigate turbulent times.

We are in the final week of the Become a Natural Superhuman, 5-week resilience bootcamp, but I am already planning on taking a group through the program in March 2022 – which will come around fast enough.

Find all the details here

Also if you would like to find out more details about being a part of a small group of Superhumans for 9-months in 2022, check out the details below to see how broad and deep the program goes. It might be just the thing you are looking for.

Become a Natural SuperHuman 9-Month Group Coaching Program (max of 8 people)

Have a great day.
Take care

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Get your SAGE on and Get Out of Your Head


This week, we are in Sage Week of the Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop, so I thought I would talk a little bit on what it means to draw forth your inner SAGE.   

Too often we limit out decision making and navigation in life to what our head is telling us. Which can often take us off track – especially when it comes to longer term things like your destiny, mission, purpose or dharmic path. You need to tap into something deeper to see and sense the bigger picture.

This is what I mean about getting out of your head.
You need to go deeper – into your heart and into your deeper being.

If you want to join the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week workshop, you can still get access in 2021 for $4 up until 17 Dec 2021.

Also if you want to find out more about my small 9-month Group Coaching program (max of 8 people) in 2022, where I work closely with you to bring out the SuperHuman in you, go to my website here

Have a great day and take care.

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When and Why you Need to RUTHLESSLY Protect Your Time


At the time of recording, I was not only hanging out on a great seaside bungalow on the East Coast of Bali, but I was also in Week 3 – Warrior Week of the Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop. So I was focused on how to bring our inner warrior into life to get more stuff done.

A common ‘excuse’ from us all is we don’t have enough time, or we didn’t have enough time to get something done.

In this podcast i suggest that we need to get a whole let better – like WARRIOR better – at protecting our time. At having clear boundaries. At saying “NO” and not being worried if we are going to upset someone.

The only person that will truly get you more time is YOURSELF.

So time to get ruthless in what you say ‘yes’ to, and what you say ‘no’ to. What is a priority and what is not a priority. What is essential and what is merely desirable.

Enjoy the podcast and then get back to work (ruthlessly) protecting your time to create more space for the stuff that is really important to YOU.

If you would still like to access the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week workshop, for $4, with 6-months access, then you have until 17 December to sign up. And your $4 will be going to charity too. Just click on this link and away you go!

Have a super day.
Take care

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Creating Stability of Mind Using a Simple Yogic Practice


I have been interested in looking deeper into Stability, as it ended up being one of the 5 common virtues, among a Leader, Warrior and Sage (who are part of your SuperHuman gifts).

This simple breathing technique is designed to create higher levels of stability in the mind, which I teach is essential for making informed, intelligent and high quality DECISIONS in life. So learning practical ways to stabilise the mind is a great thing to learn – especially if they are simple, nil cost and you don’t need any props. A trifecta of goodness!! 

Remember that you can still get access to the 5-week resilience training bootcamp (Become a Natural SuperHuman) until 17 December, for $4 and for 6-months access. Check it out at the link.

Have a super fabulous day and take care.

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Virtues of Your Inner Sage: Lightness of Being


Since I have been immersed in the study of the archetypes of Leader, Warrior and Sage for the last 6-months, and because we have talked a lot about the virtues of a Leader, I thought I would switch it up a bit and look at your INNER SAGE.

Especially how this part of you allows you better navigate uncertain and turbulent times. 

We talk about curiosity, judgement, playfulness, lightness and even a sense of humour – ESPECIALLY when things are somewhat bonkers around you.

If you want to go deeper into understanding how to bring out your Inner Leader. Warrior and Sage, join me and a bunch of other superhumans for a 5-week Resilience Training Bootcamp.

It is called Become a Natural SuperHuman.
And it is my special gift for you for Xmas. I have worked for over 200hrs on the workshop, but I want to offer it for you with out limitations.

All I am asking is for $4 of which 100% goes to a charity called Bali Street Mums.

I would love to serve you in Powering up for 2022, with even more practical tips, tools and strategies.

Take care


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Right Timing and Who are Your Advisors?


Firstly, I have to admit that I started to record this podcast with one idea in mind, and then I went sideways, to what I think is a really great message.

I started with talking about when it is RIGHT it is RIGHT.
It was about right action at the right time, and getting guidance on how to determine that.

Which took me to the main valuable takeaway.

As a LEADER, and when it comes to great Decision Making, it is important to have access to great advisors. And a broad range of advisors. In this podcast I was specifically talking about advisors that actually are intuitive or channel or read ‘energy’.

In order to make the bets decisions, we want to tap into all of the available and relevant information. Like Kings and Queens of old, who has their spiritual advisors on the council.

I mentioned specifically Lee Harris and his monthly Energy Updates. They are pretty spot on (from my perspective).
Here is a link to his ‘reading’ for November 2021.

If you haven’t already, do sign up for the Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop (I am also calling it a Holistic Resilience Bootcamp.

It is ONLY $4 and all money goes to charity. Click here.

Power up for 2022, with practical tips, tools and strategies. 🙂

Take care

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When Leadership Meets EGO: Think Oil and Water


I hope you are well. 🙂

Today’s podcast is inspired by all my work with the Become Natural SuperHuman workshop (starting on 15 Nov 2021 & priced at $4!! (normally $300)) which is digging deeply into bringing forth our inner LEADER, WARRIOR and SAGE. Just one outcome will be increased RESILIENCE

So one of the key things about great and TRUE Leadership, is that there is no real place for the ego. This is part of why there have been such poor decision-making over the last 2 years. There has been too much ego, and ego DOES NOT LIKE TO BE CHALLENGED.

I talk about what true leadership looks like. And not just for leaders of people, but for each of us as leaders of ourselves and our choices and actions.

I hope you get some insights from this.

Do join me for the 5-week workshop starting on 15 Nov 2021. It is around building resilience, stability, groundedness, and goes a lot deeper and broader than my Podcasts alone. And at a price of $4 (with a money back guarantee) there is ZERO risk, but HUGE opportunity. 

If you know anyone who is struggling, is a bit of centre, is feeling a bit lost or isolated, do tell them to sign up for the workshop. I would love to see what 1000 global superhumans can do, in making the world a better place. 

Have a super day.
Take care

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The (Real) Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration


Let’s talk about motivation versus inspiration.
Which do you think is the better fuel and the most likely to get you through the inevitable obstacles?

Let me share with you what I have come to learn about these two, and why I cringe when people get caught up on ‘getting motivated’.

I would love for you to join me for my 5-week workshop called BECOMING A NATURAL SUPERHUMAN.

It is packed with great teachings, plus practical activities to help you integrate the teachings, and we dive deep into the archetypes of Leader, Warrior and Sage, which are the perfect players for uncertain, turbulent and challenging times (i.e. 2021 and beyond).

Check out the details here:
I have decided to reduce the ticket price from $297 to $4!!

I just want to serve the most people possible, so please pass the word.
We could all use a helping hand about now, and it makes a lot of sense to prepare in advance in case 2022 is more of the same.

See you on 15 Nov 2021. 
Take care