The Guidebook to Happiness by Carl Massy

Podcast 57I have travelled to over 50 countries. I have worked and travelled all over the world and one of the things that I have come to realise as essential to having the best experience, getting there economically, avoiding the dangers or average options and knowing the sites at a deeper level; is a good quality guidebook.


A guidebook where someone else has gone before you and already determined for you ‘yes try that’, ‘definitely avoid that’, and ‘this is just awesome!’. I figured that the same would not only be pretty handy for how to journey towards and experience happiness, but would be absolutely essential reading. Stuff making the same mistakes, or going through life never knowing what the secrets where that someone else learned 20 years ago.

In this podcast I introduce you to some of the material in my soon to be released book, The Guidebook to Happiness: Don’t leave your happiness to chance. 21 Chapters. 21 need-to-know topics. Packed with Tips, tools and strategies.

Also get a FREE copy of Chapter 1: It all starts in the mind when you go to The Guidebook to Happiness. ENJOY and thanks for giving me a reason to write and share.

DOWNLOAD Chapter 1 of The Guidebook to Happiness HERE




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