Balance Meditation

Guided Meditation: Drawing a Sacred Breath

meditationHi there,

Every month I record a Guided Meditation to support your journey to optimum health, happiness, well-being and success; by helping you from the inside out.

This is a dialogue to the deeper parts of your being and at a very practical level, a chance for you to deeply relax, so your body can do what it does best…rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells within your body.

When we deeply connect with and pay attention to our breath it really has the power to move us. It connects us to something bigger than ourselves and really grounds us in the present moment. In addition it does wonderful for managing the nervous system, and helping you influence your autonomic nervous system.

You have more control of the inner world of your being than we are made to imagine. Enjoy the meditation.

Have a wonderful day.

Take care




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