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This podcast is a result of the calling I believe we are being asked to step into individually, to support the collective.

I talk about where we put our attention (remembering that where our attention goes, energy flows), and how I believe we are being asked to tap into a deeper personal power.

And as always, I share my observation and interpretation, and then talk about how to enact this in a very practical way, which will definitely lead to a greater life expression, experience and fulfillment.

Do enjoy.
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My Take on Enacting True Leadership


I hope you are well.
In today’s podcast I delve into the realms of leadership, and in particular what constitutes true leadership.

I actually was feeling some resistance to talking on this subject and taking a stance, but as true leadership dictates, feeling comfortable is not one of the predominant by-products of exercising true leadership.

I also talk about the stress response, the autonomic nervous system, the different levels of mind, trauma and even the topical subject of ‘cognitive dissonance’.

I come from the perspective of a former army major, a coach, a therapist who has worked with people with trauma, and someone fascinated with the evolutionary path.

If you want to ask me deeper questions or work with me, then reach out via my website.

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