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Are you Using the Right Metric to Measure Your Success


This podcast episode is inspired by a client I was having a coaching session with yesterday. She is an elite athlete, and Olympic Gold medalist and we were talking about a new project of hers, which she is super excited about.

And in the discussion we got to talking about ‘money’ and the measure of success in her new project.

I think people understand at an ‘intellectual’ level that money is not the only or even best measure of success, but it is harder to integrate that intellectual knowing.

So I talk about what are the other measures of success, and why me might be getting called to pay more attention to them now (in 2021) and less attention to the measure of money.

It aligns with the essence of my 3rd book – The Guidebook to Authentic Success‘.

I hope you enjoy the episode and please share and like if it resonated.

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