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Epigenetics 101 – You Have the Power


So I was talking with a new colleague the other day and they were telling me a story about how they might actually ‘have’ ADHD, on account of a friend telling them they had some of the symptoms. And what came to mind to me as I was having the conversation, was that he might benefit from hearing a little bit more about the subject of…EPIGENETICS. 

It was time to learn who was really in control of our genetic destiny. 
It was time to learn just how powerful we really are. 

Find out how you can change your genetic destiny and what the field of epigenetics has taught us about the expression of our genes. 

Let me know if you have any questions, by dropping me a email, which you can do via contact page.

Please pass this episode to a friend that you think might need to be reminded about how much control of their body they actually have. 

Take care

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