Belief Fear

Let Go of Other People’s Stories to Become Your Best Self

fearHow many times have you hesitated or stepped back from the fullest expression of yourself because you bought into someone else’s story of what is (or isn’t) possible?

I know I have. And it ‘almost’ happened recently until I shook their fears off and decided to show up as myself.

In this Happiness Class I share with you what I learned recently when I opened myself to other peoples fears. How I came out the other side. The distinctions I made and the (amazing) results I got.

If you want to be your best, you might need to listen to this.

Have a great one!





Fear Life

Discover What Holds You Back From Success

fearIn this Coaching session with Carl Massy (me) I address the issue of what often holds us back from achieving the things that we most desire.

I recently worked with a client, who like many of us, really wanted something but some unknown fear was holding her back. In this Happiness Class I suggest what that fear is in most cases and what to do about it – so you get to achieve your biggest dreams and desires.

I also suggest that if you don’t overcome this fear (using strategies I suggest) you will end up living a life of regret.

So what are you waiting for. Dive in and learn how to take you life to the next level!



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