The Keys to Increasing Self-Love: Interview with Angela Perez

angelaThis week I was very fortunate to interview Spanish-born yoga, meditation, and Tantra teacher, Angela Perez. She comes with a wealth of experience when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves. Especially that elusive thing called ‘SELF-LOVE’. She shares some amazing insights and strategies to help you increase self-love.

We all figure we could do with more, but most people do not know where to start. A low level of self-love is common with all of my coaching clients too. So I am really excited to be able to ask Angela specifically what she recommends are the things we can do to build up our level of self-love.

I also share some of my biggest insights from working with my coaching clients.

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Eating Raw, Feeling Radiant with Gourmet Raw Food Chef Cat Cannizzaro

catWe have been lucky enough in the past to have Cat Cannizzaro, a leading Gourmet Raw Food Chef from Australia, join us and now she is back to share some more goodness with us all. Plus she will be teaching you how to make an amazingly yummy sauce, that you just need to check out.

Plus Cat and I talk about some of our philosophies and observations about food, emotions, happiness and optimum health. If you love food, if you love your health, if you like experiencing more vitality, then this is the place to be.

Cat and I also share with you an amazing Raw Food and Personal Transformation Retreat we will be running in the beautiful Bali mountains at the end of May. It is going to be AWESOME!!!

You can have a sneak peek here:

Now for a copy of the Recipe Cat shares with us, click on this link:

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