Andrea Forizs

Great insights and a very interesting read. I particularly loved the strategic build-up, the structure and the great life changing ideas. …and Carl’s sense of humor of course.

Kylie Ryan

This book is a must read for anytime struggling with their health, energy or weight. Carl brings together criticcally important points with his pillars of health concept, and summarizes key lessons from so many sources in an easily readable way.

Anna Skelton

Another classic from Carl Massy. What I loved about this book, was not just the fantastic approach to healthy nutrition and physical vitality, but the emphasis also on the role the mind plays on health and vitality. It’s amazing that our limiting self beliefs can stop us from losing weight, no matter how hard we diet and exercise. A winning read on every level. Nothing to lose, but a few pounds potentially.

Patty Tucker

Carl Massy has managed to compact great tomes of medical and psychological knowledge as well as centuries of deep wisdom into one tight, smartly organized and approachable little book. His philosophy is simple and his keen wit and charming self-deprecating manner help to make this a quick and enjoyable read. I hardly noticed I was also learning so much about health in general and myself in particular! I am planning to give this book as a heartfelt gift to everyone I know.

Mark Deasy

Having read many a health, fitness and self-help book over the years I can certainly recommend Carl’s Guidebook to Optimum Health. As well as his own insights into physical and spiritual health, Carl generously provides recommendations for further reading on various topics, and hosts a bunch of other very useful tools and information on his website. The easy to read, laid back style of the writing – with some helpful illustrations – make complex ideas accessible, and above all ‘implementable’.

Marcin Caban

I’m regularly reading books about self-improvement, and how to get the best of my life. When I saw this book from Carl Massy I thought let’s see if I can learn something I don’t already know about my health and fitness.
And actually I love this book. It’s full of practical advice that I use everyday and tools how to not just be fit but really healthy. And Carl uses a relaxed and funny tone that makes the reading only more entertaining.

After reading the book I actually checked out about Carl, and he’s a really cool guy, with a deep knowledge about healthy lifestyle but I also discovered that he’s an amazing life coach. I can only recommend you to make it your next must read book.