Helen Hilton

Carl’s book found its way to me at a crossroads in life. I had gone from being a usually happy positive person, to someone who was struggling with quite a few things in life, and things were dragging me down. I couldnt place what had happened, or why or where I was going wrong, until I read this book.
Reading the first chapter I experienced an AHA moment-and then chapter after chapter I kept on saying AHA. And a big part of where I was going wrong clicked. The beauty of this book is that the author has gone to a lot of trouble to show you the new path- but has actually backed up his idea’s and tips with sensible reasoning/science behind it. And it really makes sense, and it really works.

Its been a few weeks since I read the book- Im incorporating the tips a few at a time and it really is working, some of the tips are harder to do than the others and take a huge step in faith in the author but they work, and I feel a lot better for it. I have a background in coaching, psychology and counselling- but nothing I have read over the years have clicked quite the way this book clicked. So in all honesty read this book, take notes and apply the tips, it will make a huge difference- and it will make you smile! Its written as if the author is sat there chatting with you- and thats what I think makes it really work!