Pia F

There are so many things I liked about the happiness class.  It has helped reconnect me to my inner voice, find joy and use my strengths.  I recommend it to everybody, I really enjoyed it.

Doug W

It feels like the planets aligned today to do a life intervention.  After this class I’m ready to “do” rather than to “say”.  Thanks for putting 100% into the class Carl and Damo.  I recommend this class to everyone

Lisa Downs

Thank you for your coaching call today, I felt great after telling you about my life since doing the course.I came away from the day ( with my 17 year old daughter) and felt ready to commit to some long overdue changes.

Low and behold the very next day I had massive family dramas as well as a work deadline bought forward, my plans for change kind of went out the window however I managed to do my morning meditation, at the insistence of my daughter and have my ” green drink” these 2 things kept me from feeling completely overwhelmed. I also used my new mantra quite regularly” it is what it is” to cope with the unpredictable things happening in my life.

I have since had time to put those changes into place and am feeling new energy and enthusiasm, these were exactly what I was seeking when I committed to the ” happiness class” I have also had a heaps of good laughs and hugs with my teenage daughter which is a big achievement !!!! Thanks Carl xxxx

Maddie M

I was a bit hesitant to come to the class as I knew I would be the youngest.  But I really enjoyed the class!  I took home a feeling that I am awesome and worthy of happiness, I learned a lot about gratitude and living my truth.  I loved the small class size and would recommend it to anyone.

Luke R

Not knowing exactly what I was in for, I decided to come along to The Happiness Class.  I walked away radiating awesomeness.

Kate F

Well worth it! You guys compliment each other really well. I found the class enjoyable and insightful. I have learned that it’s okay to claim my own power and to take healing time for myself.


This class was awesome!  I have learned that I am in complete control of my reactions and responses to life.

Julie H

Thank you Carl and Damo. This class was great. It was very light and easy to understand. You have helped me to remember my light.

Sarah W

During the class I learned that I can change things that I’m not happy with. I learned that this change starts from within. I loved Damo’s session at the end!


Thank you for an amazing day. The content was spot on for me, you explained things very well, you clearly are an expert in your field and have put a lot of hard work into creating the content for the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and thoroughly enjoyed the day! Huge thanks!