Lisa Downs

Thank you for your coaching call today, I felt great after telling you about my life since doing the course.I came away from the day ( with my 17 year old daughter) and felt ready to commit to some long overdue changes.

Low and behold the very next day I had massive family dramas as well as a work deadline bought forward, my plans for change kind of went out the window however I managed to do my morning meditation, at the insistence of my daughter and have my ” green drink” these 2 things kept me from feeling completely overwhelmed. I also used my new mantra quite regularly” it is what it is” to cope with the unpredictable things happening in my life.

I have since had time to put those changes into place and am feeling new energy and enthusiasm, these were exactly what I was seeking when I committed to the ” happiness class” I have also had a heaps of good laughs and hugs with my teenage daughter which is a big achievement !!!! Thanks Carl xxxx