Paul Adamson

What a significant the last 30 days for me. I knew that I was generally a happier person, knew a little bit more, understood a little more about my own physical & emotional state and the factors affecting it. But, a combination of two light-bulb moments have cemented my belief that I have changed and that I am capable of further change. The first was the completion of the Day 30 column on the ‘What Level Are You?’ worksheet – that highlighted where I was and how I have definitely made a transition. And the second and most important one for me is that my Wife, friends and family are making unsolicited comments about how much happier I am, my clarity of mind and even my physical appearance. I am extremely happy that I’ve completed the challenge and send a big THANK YOU to you for believing in what you’re doing and developing the program. I honestly believe that many people will experience massive transformation in their lives.