Leanne Cave

I have to say meeting Carl was a real turning point in my Life. I found him firstly to be so passionately excited about life and simply being around him lifted my spirits. Carl has the ability to be 100% present with you and sincerely interested in what was going on in my life. With this loving warm nature of his I quickly felt the trust to be honest about myself and the issues I was having with the relationships in my life. Carl has a way of lovingly showing me that the path I was on was not  serving me well. He was then able to guide me with effective strategies to find peace and happiness. Always without judgement and always coming form a place or love. Carl has been my life coach for over 12 months and he has been wonderfully consistent at always saying exactly what I need to hear, to enable me to live  in the present moment and speak from my heart and own my own power. My Life has changed considerably over the last 12 months and I am proud of my personal and professional achievements. The conscious shift I experienced enabled me the confidence to grow as a human being and as a business women. I consistently keep in contact with Carl and always look forward to his wonderful and very honest and relatable antidotes and inspirations on his website and blog. I consider Carl Massy a dear friend and I am blessed to have met him.