I am about to start a new job, a new relationship, end an old relationship, quite my current job, move to another country, (etc). So should I wait untilI have done this before I start the 30-day challenge?
I believe that by doing the Ignite Your Inner Greatness coaching program you will get increased insight into what priorities are most important to you, and also you may realise how you are contributing to the actual challenges you are faced with in life. I always suggest doing the Ignite Your Inner Greatness coaching program sooner, rather than later, as the things you will learn about yourself and the way that you think and behave will help you deal so much better with any challenges you are facing. Plus you will have the right support along the way!

How and where do I do the Coaching sessions (if I am doing the Group Coaching or 1-on-1 Program)?
The Coaching Sessions will be done via Zoom (or similar). I recommend that you take the calls in a room or space that is completely free of distractions. You want to clearly hear every word, to get the very most out of the Coaching. If you come to Bali you may be able to do some face-to-face sessions as well. I actually find that sometimes people feel more comfortable to go deeper when they are talking online, rather than face-to-face.

How long do the Coaching Sessions go for?
The sessions are programmed for 90-mins. But sometimes they may go longer or shorter than the time, if they need to.

What are the days and timings for the Group Sessions?
The next planned GROUP Program is starting on Monday, 25 September 2023.

The call for the Group Sessions will usually occur (on Zoom) at 4PM Bali time (Denpasar). Check the world time zone converter here to see. The call will either be on a Thursday.

What support is there for the Self-Paced Program?
As the name suggests, you will be pacing yourself through the program. If you desire a coaching session throughout the program to enhance your results, you can request a specially discounted Coaching Session with Carl for only US$ 250 (normally $350). You could also reach out to me via email if there are specific questions. I will generally answer questions within 48-72 hours.

How much TIME do I need each day for the Ignite Your Inner Greatness coaching program?
You will need approximately 45mins – 1hr each day to do the rituals and activities for that day. Although some activities will just be done as you move throughout the day.

How do I pay for the Ignite Your Inner Greatness coaching program?
Just click on the links on the page and you will be taken to Kajabi – which is where the challenge program is hosted online. You will have automatic access once you have paid.

To ensure you don’t just quit if the going gets tough (i.e. you start to feel shifts that are uncomfortable), there will be no refund once you have paid your fee. We want you to keep going if the going gets tough. You will feel much better for having pushed through and succeeded, compared to giving up when things get too hard, or walking away when you are dealing with inner resistance. If you are doing the ‘Self-Paced’ Program, you may request a Refund within 7-days of payment. You will receive a 100% Refund, which will be refunded through PayPal, so will be in alignment with their refund policies and timings.