Delia Wedes

What a great read!!! Why wasnt a book like this around when I was younger? I have taken a lot on board, I think I have mainly been on the right track but you have enlightened my path. While reading the book I made some very important decisions regarding my future. Not since I was involved with the program ‘Visionary Leadership’ have I been this motivated. Thank you Carl!

Carmen Marshall

In a world of countless “how to” and “how to be happy” books, Carl’s guidebook stands out.  It’s simple, funny, fresh and captured my interest from the first chapter. I learned, I laughed and I recommended to others to read – not only for the insight, but for the way it was delivered.  Carl doesnza’t waste a reader’s valuable time – he gets straight to the point, impacts you with well researched and compelling points, educates through humor and leaves you feeling like, “I can do these things” versus feeling like you have to add another 10 things to your “to do” list to be be happy.

Leisa Wheeler

I love this book! I found it very easy to read, with simple, but profound concepts that are applicable for everyone who wants to achieve a greater level of happiness in their life. The style it is written in, breaks down complex subjects into the most pertinent and useable points, so that the reader can take action immediately. The author’s knowledge of the subject is extensive and he brings in real life situations and plenty of humour to illustrate his points. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Guidebook to Happiness and would highly recommend it!

Russell Kronenburg

Happiness needs to be nurtured and this book is packed full of tips and tools to assist anyone irrespective of their state of happiness. This is a must read for anyone who values their happiness.

Fiona Sadler

The Guidebook to Happiness does exactly what it claims to by providing practical, no-nonsence solutions for enhancing your happiness and well-being. The author is both humourous and candid at the same time as being well researched and knowledgable, which makes it an amusing and interesting read. I found the section on values based decision making particularly helpful in ensuring personal congruency and it’s the kind of book that I will keep re-visiting when I’m in need of a little inspiration or getting back ‘on track’. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to pro-actively influence their levels of happiness, well-being and success, rather than leaving these things to chance (to quote the author). Congratulations Carl Massy on a great first book!

Thomas Long

Carl Massy lives and breathes happiness.The Guidebook to Happiness has loads of practical tools that are laid out step by step that I still apply everyday. Carl’s strategies and rituals are helping me achieve my goals and be happy as I go about it — now that is something I am really happy about! Thanks Carl.

Erin Threlfall

Easy to read and follow, The Guidebook to Happiness is the happiness seekers new roadmap to a fulfilling, reflective, joy-filled life. I have been on the happiness trail for years, reading everything I can by leaders in the field. Each leader has wonderful insights, and offers great suggestions, but along the way, it can be easy to forget the practices. Carl Massy has done a wonderful job of bringing many teachings together into one concise guidebook. Supplemented with online resources, The Guidebook to Happiness will provide you with all of the tools you need to feel more energized, set and achieve exciting goals, and live a more authentic, inspiring life filled with integrity.

I have recently been inquiring into hiring a mentor/life coach. As I worked through the chapters in this book, I realized that I have come across what I have been looking for: a guide towards finding my life’s purpose and finding deep, unshakable happiness. My tool box is fuller, I a more energized, and those around me are noticing that I am much calmer- and dare I say, happier? I will be gifting this book to friends and family for the holidays. After you gift yourself, you will likely want to do the same!

John & Lisa

This book is a tool to guide you through life. It’s practical and Carl Massy is there with you every step of the way. He awakens you to your inner happiness and does an exceptional job of laying it all down in a step-by-step approach that anyone can follow. This book has helped me to become a better person, think clearly, have a more positive opinion towards myself and others, and make me feel happier everyday. Thanks Carl!!

Angie Spall

This book was gifted to me, and I have to say I was skeptical at first. Health and happiness is my industry and after 20 years of reading, studying, practicing and participating, I rarely feel inspired by ‘self-help’ books. But The Guidebook to Happiness is the ‘Lonely Planet’ to life. It’s practical, comprehensive and simple. Not to mention the author’s down to earth approach and humour. I enjoyed reading this book immensely and found myself having ‘laugh out loud’ moments, and interrupting friends to read them invaluable facts and tidbits.

I am ordering many copies for families and friends and now recommend this book to clients I am mentoring. Thank you Carl Massy for your insights and wisdom and for creating a guidebook that is not only easy and enjoyable to read but simple to implement to create a happy life. 5 stars!

Andrea Forizs

I’ve completed the life coaching program developed by the author Carl Massy (the 30-Day Happiness Challenge) prior to reading the book, and I’ve found it spellbinding to get the most out of the whole “package”. The book itself is greatly inspiring and definately contains the prospect of sweeping changes in one’s life. It has a superb structure and has the ability to hit the target in each reader’s life. Like in a good guidebook, we all get the necessary information which is requisite to step on the right track in order to achieve our goals.

Thank you Carl, for sharing your knowledge, and phrasing it in an accessible and amusing way, and through this, contributing to a positive change in the reader’s lives! Oh yeah, and beside all this, the book is great fun!