Elena Molina

The retreat was great. An amazing experience and unforgettable. What I liked best was the yoga classes, the relationships I established during the retreat and the venue was really special. I felt very well after the week of detoxing. By the end of the retreat I definitely had more energy and peace; plus some new habits to adopt, including meditation. I liked all of the workshops and the food was…lovely! The retreat was great value for money and I would definitely recommend it.

Catalina Chiribau

I really didn’t expect the retreat to be so much fun, and to laugh so much. So that was great. The other things I loved was the morning routine of yoga and meditation, the fantastic food (I loved it!), the coaching sessions and workshops, plus the great venue and people. I had an amazing insight during the retreat about some unprocessed emotions, which we worked on in a private coaching session. I felt really great after the week of detoxing. My mind is clear. My body relaxed. And more energy. The retreat is a really good investment because I learned a lot, there was great food, I found my peace and had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this for other people.

Andy O’Doherty

I had initial reservations because I thought it would be all hippy loving, holding hands and chanting , but it turned out that I really enjoyed Carl’s insights, the rest, seclusion and the amazing food. I also got really clear about my own future goals and some business distinctions I need to make. Plus I really liked the workshop on limiting beliefs. The morning routine was very interesting for me too. I thought the venue was great – historic, rustic, but comfortable. The retreat was great value for money and I would definitely recommend it for other people.

Anna Skelton

I liked best the teachings by Carl, the food, the chance to teach yoga, and the retreat space – all of it basically. The greatest distinction I made (as well as tons of other stuff) was to ‘let things flow’. I loved all of the workshops we did and the food was amazing. The morning routine with Kundalini yoga was a great natural flow and a lovely compliment to Carl’s wisdom. It was such a fantastic week full of variation. I feel happier, healthier, wiser, full of energy and you can’t ask for more than that. I would absolutely recommend this retreat to other people. Thank you Carl, Ferry and Andrea.