Liezel Els

The thing I liked most was the safe and non-judgemental environment to just be me. I now have peeled layers off myself and have new tools and skills to help myself and others. The content was fantastic, the food was ‘very yummy’ and it was the perfect location for this journey. The mini-cleanse and morning routine was also a great way to bring body, mind and spirit in tune with each other. The only thing I would have liked was another week in this beautiful tranquil place. I would definitely recommend this course for others and think it is great value for money. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Hanna Bloemhof

What I liked best about the course was the bubble that was created for us (being in a great place, great food, great people, great exercise, and very good training material and teachings). I liked how the course content could be adjusted to suit our needs and I now have hands on tools to work with clients. I loved the mini cleanse and morning routine on the course. Plus the food was very good and the venue suited the integrity feel of the training. I really enjoyed the course as I felt it had so much integrity and ‘bonuses’ and I even felt spoilt; so I would totally recommend the course and think it’s great value for money.

Anna Skelton

I have recently completed my Life Coach Training Course with Carl Massy. I was searching for two years for the right course. It was difficult to navigate through the sea of different life coaching styles and approaches. I was specifically looking for something that would provide me with the structure and confidence to coach. I then discovered Carl Massy. The course exceeded my expectations. It firstly made me work on myself, then learn to coach others. I have learnt so much about the mind, body and soul and feel ready to face clients with an abundance of wisdom and enthusiasm. Thanks you Carl for your passion and energy and no stones left unturned. Your equal measure of down to earth business experience and living a conscious life from a beautiful mindful place is inspiring.

Anika Ziemann

I really enjoyed the Life Coaching course with Carl in Candi Dasa. You learn so much about yourself and the world. As well you learn how strategic you need to be to achieve your goals and to move forward in life. Also the daily rituals we have been doing were so helpful to keep your body and mind in a higher state and to understanding the 30-Day Happiness Challenge more. Every thing was amazing from the accommodation to the food Miss Ferry Tan provided for us. I have met people I will be in contact with for the rest of my life. Thank you very much to everyone who has made my stay to incredible. Namaste.

Kristy Obst

What an AMAZING course in Bali… Where do I start… the beautiful food, location and people. The content and personal touch to everything I have learnt is fantastic, I have walked away from this course feeling like I can take on the world 🙂 and I know I won’t have to do it alone, the constant support and help from the Worlds Biggest Gym team is outstanding. My eyes and mind are open. I feel so blessed to have chose this course over others and have had the opportunity meet the people I have met on this journey.

Lynda Bayada

One of the many beautiful things about WBG Llife Coach Training course is not the simplicity of use and ease of navigation, not the consistent multimedia which ensures we hear his supportive voice often so we feel like he’s actually with us on the journey, not the high quality, valuable content or the friendly service, BUT the flexibility that this course offers. Well done Carl on such a great service and well done me for passing his course, which assures high coaching standards and practice.

Andrea Forizs

I’ve decided to go through the Life Coach Training provided by Carl, because I was looking for new opportunities and directions in my life. I’ve found the programs such as the 30-Day Happiness Challenge extremely useful, interesting and fun. What I liked especially was the strategic constitution of the program. It gives a lot of insight into topics you might know and others that are completely new to you and arouse your interest. At the end of the day I have adopted many techniques offered by Carl, which definitely made my everyday life more effective and more manageable. 

By having completed the Life Coach Training, I’m very proud to have the opportunity of sharing this knowledge with my clients and offering them the programs developed by Carl. Thank you, for making the difference!

Mark Donovan

Amazing program! Simple & incredibly effective. I got a major happiness boost with simple ways to increase the amount of pure joy I experience every day. I adopted a vegan diet (during 30 Day Challenge) and then vegetarian. I started doing yoga, surfing and running barefoot on the beach consistently, a feat that eluded me for 18 years. I have never felt healthier or better. I highly recommend the program!

Alex Aiden

An absolutely amazing experience, I highly recommend it to everyone! I have learned so much from the WorldsBIGGESTGym 30 Day Happiness Challenge and learned the skills needed from the WorldsBIGGESTGym Life Coach Training Course to enable me to pursue a career in Life Coaching. Carl you have given me fantastic support throughout and you’ve given me the help and direction that I needed to realize my true purpose in life, for which I will always be forever grateful, thank you!