Decision Making Mastery by Carl Massy – Audiobook


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The duration for the Audiobook is: 4hrs 42 mins.



Become a Skillful and Conscious Co-Creator of Your Destiny

Would you agree that the quality of the decisions we make, day-to-day, determine the life experience we have, and ultimately our destiny?

Our decisions shape our life. They shape the quality of our relationships. They shape whether our projects work or don’t. They shape if we have an expansive life experience or a meek life experience. They shape whether we end up in a job we love or a job we loathe. They shape what we walk towards and we walk away from. They shape whether we expand or contract in life.

Given decision making is so important, why the BLEEP were we never taught the ins and outs of how to make consistent high-quality and empowered decisions?!?!

It is time to correct that gap in your education.

Let an ex-Army Major and former Olympic Games security consultant, and current NLP master practitioner and Success Coach share with you the tips, tools and strategies that will change your destiny, by upgrading and up-skilling your decision-making powers.

Learn these fundamental elements:

  • The number 1 decision-making rookie mistake
  • The biggest obstacles to high-quality decision making
  • The primary resources needed in your toolkit
  • The importance of failure (aka: feedback)
  • A specific ‘Process’ for high-quality decision making


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