Now let’s get into the Business of Coaching. Where the rubber meets the road. You can be a great coach, but if you do not master the business of coaching, you be a very good, but very broke coach (like 80% of people that start down the coaching path).

To ask me any questions about a Life Coaching Apprenticeship or working with me, or even some general questions about the business side of coaching, don’t hesitate to send an email to I would love to help out.

PS: If you are already coaching you might be interested in a wise investment of a 2-hr deep-dive COACH BUSINESS STRATEGY SESSION I have done for numerous coaches, where I look at their business in details, plus share everything I have learned over my 10+ years as a Coach. Most coaches are shocked when they realise some of the things they are doing that are taking them backwards and wasting huge amounts of time, energy and money. I wish I had done a session like this in my first few years as a coach. 😉 Just send an email to