There is a hard way and a much easier way to create positive change in your life. The hard way is to ‘try’ and change everything external to you – people, institutions, places, etc. The easier way is to take your attention inwards and change your internal belief systems, so you can initiate new ways of feeling and behaving, and therefore achieve a new level of results. First you need to create a new level of mind. A Successful Mind.

In this book, you will clearly understand how your beliefs have been created, the impact they have on your results and emotional state of being, the possibilities when you change your subconscious beliefs, plus learn different strategies on how to change your most limiting beliefs. You will become intimately familiar with the beliefs that are not serving you. These disempowering beliefs (your internal software) needs to be upgraded; just like any computer that is still running Windows 95 software.

If you did yourself a favour and read this book (or listened to it) you would automatically understand more than 95% of the people on the planet, when it comes to optimizing the power of your mind.

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This workshop is strategically designed with a powerful NLP technique, to help you remove your most limiting and disempowering belief, and replace it with an empowering belief that is lodged deep into your subconscious mind.