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The Guidebook To Happiness

The Guidebook To Happiness

Would you like to discover the SPECIFIC DO’s and DON'Ts when it comes to experiencing real happiness in your life?

Have you ever taken a trip to a completely new destination? A place you heard was great, but you were yet to experience. Do you think having a comprehensive Guidebook, which told you how to get there, what were the best sites, what to take, and what to avoid would be essential reading?

When it comes to ‘happiness’ that is exactly what The Guidebook to Happiness does. It tells you specifically what to do (or not do) and how, when it comes to raising your default level of happiness.

Written by Carl Massy - a happiness strategist - who has blended over a decade of research and practice in the art of happiness as a NLP Life Coach, personal fitness trainer, and reiki master with 20 years of strategic planning as an Olympic Games consultant and ex-army officer. He has also travelled to over 53 countries, so knows the true value of a great Guidebook.

21 Chapters and 21 Lessons on the biggest DO’s and DON'Ts for experiencing greater levels of happiness. Plus specific happiness strategies to bring them into effect today.



What key provides up to 50% of your happiness
What the experts tells us are the best daily rituals for increased happiness and wellbeing
How to become smarter - quickly
How to make decisions that lead to lasting happiness
The pitfalls and traps we need to be aware of
How to use the mind for best results
And much, much more…

Your happiness is too important to be left to chance.
Order your copy of The Guidebook to Happiness and take your happiness up to a whole new level.



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  • What a great read!!! Why wasnt a book like this around when I was younger? I have taken a lot on board, I think I have mainly been on the right track but you have enlightened my path. While reading the book I made some very important decisions regarding my future. Not since I was involved with the program 'Visionary Leadership' have I been this motivated. Thank you Carl!

    Delia Wedes. Manager. NSW, Australia
  • In a world of countless "how to" and "how to be happy" books, Carl's guidebook stands out.  It's simple, funny, fresh and captured my interest from the first chapter. I learned, I laughed and I recommended to others to read - not only for the insight, but for the way it was delivered.  Carl doesn't waste a reader's valuable time - he gets straight to the point, impacts you with well researched and compelling points, educates through humor and leaves you feeling like, "I can do these things" versus feeling like you have to add another 10 things to your "to do" list to be be happy.

    Carmen Marshall. Business + Lifestyle Expert. USA
  • I love this book! I found it very easy to read, with simple, but profound concepts that are applicable for everyone who wants to achieve a greater level of happiness in their life. The style it is written in, breaks down complex subjects into the most pertinent and useable points, so that the reader can take action immediately. The author’s knowledge of the subject is extensive and he brings in real life situations and plenty of humour to illustrate his points. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Guidebook to Happiness and would highly recommend it!

    Leisa Wheeler. Naturopath. Gold Coast, Australia
  • Happiness needs to be nurtured and this book is packed full of tips and tools to assist anyone irrespective of their state of happiness. This is a must read for anyone who values their happiness.

    Russell Kronenburg. Human Resources Manager. Melbourne, Australia
  • The Guidebook to Happiness does exactly what it claims to by providing practical, no-nonsence solutions for enhancing your happiness and well-being. The author is both humourous and candid at the same time as being well researched and knowledgable, which makes it an amusing and interesting read. I found the section on values based decision making particularly helpful in ensuring personal congruency and it's the kind of book that I will keep re-visiting when I'm in need of a little inspiration or getting back 'on track'. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to pro-actively influence their levels of happiness, well-being and success, rather than leaving these things to chance (to quote the author). Congratulations Carl Massy on a great first book!

    Fiona Sadler. United Kingdom
  • Carl Massy lives and breathes happiness.The Guidebook to Happiness has loads of practical tools that are laid out step by step that I still apply everyday. Carl's strategies and rituals are helping me achieve my goals and be happy as I go about it — now that is something I am really happy about! Thanks Carl.

    Thomas Long. Australian Actor. Australia