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Carl Massy Interview (by Rachel Fearnley) on 'How I Created a Coaching Business'

This 35 min interview by Rachel Fearnley (a new Coach at the time), asks Carl Massy a number of questions as she embarks on her Coach business building phase.

The main questions she asked are:

  1. How did you start your business?
  2. What were your first 2 years like?
  3. What were your biggest mistakes or lessons?
  4. What rates did you charge when you first started?
  5. Where and how did you find your first Coaching clients?
  6. What was the most valuable learning experience or study you undertook?

If you are new to Coaching or are considering a career in Coaching I think you will definitely benefit from listening to this very candid interview with Carl Massy.

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Free Mini Life Coach Training Course

Things that will help you to get great results with your clients and turn them into Raving Fans and walking Billboards for you and your business, which will lead to more referrals.

The first video in the Mini Life Coach Training Course: Discover the Relationship Between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind click here

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Free Podcast Training for Fitness and Wellness Professionals

Why Exercise & Nutrition are Not Enough for Weight Loss or Optimum Health

I normally charge good money for this 60-min deep-dive training session, which I deliver to companies and workshops. The information I share with you is based on the findings I have made while researching for my second book - The Guidebook to Optimum Health.

This is information you Need To Know to get results for your clients and stand out as a true professional, from the pack in the industry. It has taken me over 15 years and well over $ 50,000 to get to this level of understanding. This is cutting edge and yours for free.

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How to Become a Money Making Magnet

So many of us have some crazy and limiting beliefs when it comes to money $$$. We get freaked out. We clam up. We stress out. We get desperate for it. In a lot of cases we never learned how to have a good relationship with money. One where we love money, and it loves us back.

Therefore we are going back to the drawing board and get really clear about what the story is you are telling yourself about money and then changing the story so you get a whole new set of Results. In this powerful Free Coaching Program Carl Massy takes you through a process that if you apply it to your life will take your financial situation in a whole new direction.

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50 Most Awesome Outdoor Exercises

This eBook that has 50 Most Awesome Outdoor Exercises from 10 different fitness professionals.

All the exercises are clearly explained, Step-by-Step, and there are a host of pictures to make it even clear for you to do yourself. If you like to train outdoors and are after some new ideas then look no further. We have also thrown in a really effective BONUS NLP technique for increasing your Happiness. PLUS how to do a number of different exercises with 2 coconuts!

The eBook is 5MB because it is packed with clear and easy to follow pictures for each exercise.

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