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 Stress, Creativity and Productivity

Imagine if everyone on the team was able to come up with creative ideas and solutions on a regular basis. Imagine if this thing called ‘stress’ was not invasive and permanent, but something people had tools to turn down or turn off when they needed to. And imagine if everyone on the team was even more productive.

What would that mean to an organisation?

The reality is that STRESS is not only a physical and mental health burden. Something that becomes noticeable when people start getting sick or taking days off. In fact most GP doctors visits, and the symptoms they show up with, are related to stress.

Now imagine if stress was not only causing physical and mental health issues but was actually stopping workers with coming up with innovative solutions to problems, creative ideas for new products, or improvements to current products and services. What is the cost of that?

In todays information age and rapidly changing business world, the companies that survive and thrive are the ones that keep creating and innovating better ways to solve customer ‘problems or challenges’ or provide them with the goods or services to improve the quality of their lives. Creativity and Innovation is a game changer and essential to on-going business success.

What is just one good idea worth?     




With the advancements of neuroscience in the last 15 years, the understanding of what is happening, and not happening, inside our minds is becoming clearer and clearer.

With this new knowledge we now can better understand what to do and not do to increase the effectiveness of our brains, at a conscious and subconscious level.



The Kaizan Way

In Japan, after World War II, there was a nation wide initiative to rebuild Japan into something bigger and better than it was before the war.

One of the philosophies they adopted was constant and never ending improvement. They realised that minor improvements made, over an extended period of time, lead to major changes in the results they could achieve. It was internal creative ideas that contributed to most of the innovative changes they made within their companies.

It is not just about tapping into the staff’s mental powers, but supercharging them.


The Learning Outcomes

Understanding how the brain works most effectively
Learn about the principle causes of stress
Discover the real impact of stress on the mind and body
Learn specific tools to reduce stress (in the short term and long term)
Discover the keys to enhancing willpower
Discover some of the key blockages to creativity
Enhance the belief that everyone is ‘creative’
Understand what is needed to bring out creativity in the workplace
Learn the best methods of getting superior results from ‘brainstorming’
Learning strategies to enhance creativity
Discover how ‘flow’ can increase productivity by up to 5 times
Understand how to hack into a ‘flow state’
Learn specific rituals to increase productivity by at least 200%

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  • Carl Massy attended our annual conference as our keynote speaker in October 2015, where our themes were goal-setting, success and marketing.  Our conference delegates are all small business owners, with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences – both in business and personally.  In his half-day session with our group, Carl was able to tap into the energy in the room, really read the crowd and tailor his presentation to suit our needs and those of his audience.  He was able to “plant little seeds of ideas” in people’s mind, for ways to change (or improve) their lives and their businesses that were really concrete and practical – not just theoretical.  Carl is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivational speaker and we can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Len Ferguson. CEO FINN Franchise Brokers. Adelaide, Australia
  • We had the great pleasure of Carl Massy presenting a motivational speech for the Aspire Zone Foundation middle and senior level managers, as part of a major program initiative within our organisation. He presented great content, which was in alignment with our program objectives and in a way that fully engaged all 150 culturally diverse managers within the audience. One of the things we most wanted from his presentation was increased integration by all off the managers present. The activities he enthusiastically facilitated throughout the presentation far exceeded our expectations when it came to participant integration - so the presentation was definitely a success. Carl is a confident, likable, knowledgable, and very professional presenter and I would highly recommend his services.  

    Hassan R. Harfouche. Head of Strategy, Aspire Zone Foundation. Doha, Qatar