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The Best Line Up of Coaches

Carl Massy

Master Coach. Author. Presenter.

I used to be a 'rat-bag', which is Australian for 'a bit of an annoying pain in the butt'. But now I like to think of myself as a 'Decent Human Being'. It was a pretty crazy road to get from one to the other, but I wouldn't change anything along the way (well maybe a couple of things ;-)).

My passion is (and has always been) to make people smile and forget about their worries. I am also extremely curious. I have always wanted to know why we do what we do. Why some people succeed and others don't, why some people are lucky and others aren't, and why some people are happy and others aren't. Add to that a insatiable desire to find solutions to challenges and you have what I am today: a Happiness Strategist. I am ALL about helping someone experience more joy & success in their life. 

I created the 30-Day Challenge as a result of having done a similar program with Tony Robbins back in 1999 and having studied, researched and practiced wellness & wellbeing for over a decade since then. In April 2010 I decided to draw on everything I had learned and apply it intensively over a 30-Day period and see what happened. My mind popped! I truly stepped up to a new level. And it was so good, this feeling, that I just had to share it!!

Thus was born the 30-Day Challenge. Unlike other personal development programs that were all about automating the process so there was less 'contact time'; I wanted to ensure that coach and client got to know each other really well with weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions to take their results even higher. So the 30-Day Challenge is a very personal and a very personally rewarding opportunity for me, my coaches and all the people who have taken up the Challenge to create a more exciting and fulfilled life.

Here is my more official rap sheet: ex-Australian Amy Major, ex world leading Consultant to the Olympic Games, Author (The Guidebook to Happiness & The Guidebook to Optimum Health), NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist, fitness professional, reiki master, leadership & management specialist, elite strategist, voracious reader and seasoned world traveller. Oh yeah, I also am a co-owner in The Practice (yoga centre) in Bali where I often do presentations and workshops.

Languages: English, Australian, American, New Zealand, Canadian (the west coast only ;-)) It is embarrassing how many languages the other Coaches have.

Naomi Saelens

Senior Coach. A (Playful) Game Changer.

Hi, so nice to meet you. I’m Naomi, life traveller in between Bali and Amsterdam, world citizen with a sprinkle of Belgian and Japanese blood, lover of people and planet, and personal development geek & coach. A life journey filled with looking for acceptance and belonging, dealing with depression from an early age, and working through insecurity and low self-esteem. The path I've walked is one of self-acceptance, feeling fear & doing it anyway, and bringing the different worlds I grew up in together.

It’s also the path that led me to become a personal coach. I’ve always had a deep desire to contribute to a world that was bigger than my own, which led me to work in the international development sector for a large part of my career and now directly with the clients that I coach. In 2013 I graduated from my first coaching degree in The Netherlands, and continued my training as a life coach with Carl Massy in Bali in 2015.

What gets me up in the morning is helping others develop their full potential, and having meaningful, connected and soulful conversations about your dreams and this thing we call life. I believe that we all want a life with meaning, fulfillment and purpose, and that what truly delivers happiness is being you - unapologetically! 

My approach is grounded, deeply personal, and intuitive. I’m often seen as a team builder and peacemaker, listening to others’ perspectives and where possible, bringing those views closer together. And last but not least, I approach life with a sense of humor and cheekiness.

Please visit my website and blog: Naomi Saelens

Languages: English, Dutch, Japanese