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I only work with only a handfull of clients at any one time. Preferably for 3 - 12 months.

Ideally 6 months - you get the highest level of support and experience LASTING changes.


One of my IDEAL client's:
A couple (with or without children)
Both of them working - maybe even with their own companies
Busy lives. Smart people. Feeling a little overwhelmed.
Got big plans but feeling snowed-under.

They just need a hand to get perspective, improve their effectiveness, manage things better, improve the health and harmony of the household, improve all the relationships, and figure out what is holding them back and what they need to do to take things to their next level. This couple are committed to their happiness, health and relationships.


My other Favorite Client:
A Business Owner who wants to go to the next level

I love the opportunity to blend Coaching and Consulting together and helping clients get super strategic about how they run their life and business. Helping them focus on the things that are most important, and have the highest ROI. Plus how to do it and maintain a degree of balance in thier lives and relationships.

If you know anyone like that, let them know to get in touch with me.




Adventure & Life Coaching

(1-on-1 Program)

This opportunity is for a select few (2-3 people per year). Those people that want to radically change their life and have FUN and ADVENTURE as they do it. They know that life is distracting them from reaching their full potential. They need to break away, in order to be, do and have more in their life. And they know if they really want to make the difference they know they are capable of they need to take a much bigger step.

This person hungers for something more and wants a high level of expert support to help them do a complete makeover in all areas of their life (their self, their relationships and their work). They want to positively impact the people they care about in an even bigger way and do something truly significant with their lives.

They don't just want 'change'. They want transformation and a life fully lived. They want their life to be a much greater adventure. To get even more out of life. To get off the hamster wheel and truly experience life in all its richness. And if they can tick a couple of things off their Bucket List along the way - even better!

Live life as an adventure as you express even more of yourself.

Are you ready for more? More life? More living? More success? More meaning? More vitality? More adventure? More wisdom? More impact? More joy? More influence? More love? More fun?

...just asking. ;-)


So what's this transformational adventure look like?

Something like this...



Note: We will work on the location and type of the 'adventure' element together. So it is tailored especially for you, your needs and your Bucket List. ;-)


Two of my favourite things in life are Coaching people to be the biggest version of themselves, and experiencing this world in all its spender. I have travelled to and through over 50 different countries. Three times I have taken 6-12 month sabbaticals, to travel and explore the world. In my younger years I spent 14 years as an officer in the Australian Army, so I got to experience a bit of adventure there too (fortunately for me, it was with no wars or the likes). The adventures I have in mind are not extreme, but they will take you 'off the grid' and allow you to fully disconnect from your past and present (current) life as you experience a deep reconnection with yourself, with nature, and with your bigger picture.   


Does this sound like something you would LOVE to do and want to explore a little more?

If this is giving you goosebumps, or has you checking your calendar to see when you could get started, or getting you to dust off the Bucket List, then you might want to send me an email so we can get this life changing conversation started. ;-)



Adventure Coaching and Trekking in Nepal with Carl Massy

APRIL 2017


Adventure Coaching and Trekking in Nepal with Carl Massy


Awaken to your full potential as you journey through one of the most amazing places on the planet (and as you simultaneously journey within).

Set yourself up to experience more joy, abundance, success, consciousness and love in your life; while experiencing the incredible majesty and soulfulness of Nepal. Learn how to let go of anything that is holding you back. Get crystal clear about where you really really want to go in life. And discover how to express more of your latent potential each and every day. Experience a life-changing adventure that will shape your future direction and path.

Let Carl Massy - Coach, Strategist and Author – lead you on an amazing adventure trekking through the mountains of Nepal, while you explore and release your inner greatness, in a way that expands you, serves others and serves the greater good.

A small intimate group. Only 6 places available. Suitable for intermediate levels of fitness.

A typical trekking day:

  • Morning meditation & yoga
  • Delivered your contemplative ‘Question of the Day’
  • Breakfast
  • Trekking
  • Lunch and conscious conversation
  • Trekking
  • Group Coaching Session
  • Dinner
  • Group Sharing

Words that come to mind when I think about this trek:

  • Recalibrating
  • Let go
  • Dreaming big
  • Detoxing body and mind
  • Reconnecting with self, nature and others
  • Ticking off the bucket list
  • Energization
  • De-clutter
  • Unplugged
  • Prioritize
  • Clarity
  • Learn and discover
  • Create and plan
  • Process past stuff
  • Deep conversations
  • Breathe deeply
  • Laugh
  • Gaze in wonder
  • Shine
  • Life changing

A full level of support:

  • Individual and Group Coaching sessions before the trek
  • Tailored 90-day physical training program for preparation (if required)
  • Access to 1-on-1 Coaching on the Trek (if required)
  • 6-week deep-dive Coaching Program after you return home to clearly reinforce your course (this can include Business Coaching)


  • Coaching (before and after) by Carl Massy
  • Tailored fitness training program & support
  • 7-day trek fees, which includes guides, porters, food, accommodation, trekking fees, and internal flights
  • 1 x night Accommodation in Kathmandu before the trek
  • 8-week deep-dive Coaching program after the trek
  • Copies of The Guidebook to Happiness, The Guidebook to Optimum Health and The Guidebook to Authentic Success

Does not include:

  • Travel insurance
  • Your personal flights to and from Kathmandu


The Investment: US$ 6,997

(Early Bird Discount of US$ 1,000 if paid in full by 31 December 2016!!)

Email Carl for more info, a conversation & booking:



Radical 7-Day Immersion

Come to Bali and don't just holiday. Change your life. This is for the person who is ready to make radical changes in their life. Who wants to make a major shift at the core level. This person wants to achieve their big dreams and get rid of their excess baggage. 

Daily Personal Training Sessions | Reiki, EFT, NLP & Timeline Therapy Sessions |
7-days accommodation at a private luxury villa (in Canggu) | Supported Mind-Body Cleanse |
All Healthy Meals & Private Cook |
Powerful Daily Coaching |
Mystery Tours |
All transfers & transport | PLUS 3-months post Coaching Support




*Flights, visa's and travel insurance are not included in the price.  


  • Carl approached our session with such wonderful compassion and focus, when combined with his real depth of experience and knowledge, that meant he was able to help me gain much more clarity than I expected in a short period of time. I can away feeling confident about the decisions I'd made and with exciting plans to deliver them. Thanks Carl, that was just what I needed!

    Claire. Australia
  • Just took the first  Coaching session ever with Carl Massy. I have never done it before, but I must say that it was a great experience.  Not only I learnt more about myself but I also have been provided with the tools necessary to change and improve goals. I definitely recommend this session to everyone, and not only to the ones that feel lost or demotivated. It is important to step back and challenge the steps taken to the journey of your life to assess, change/ improve them to go forward in your life. Thanks Carl it was awesome.

    Adelaida de Foxa. Finance Industry. Sydney, Australia
  • Just took the first steps to the best chapter of my life, with Carl Massy walking by my side (well, on skype at least)!  I'm feeling inspired, I have a clearer perception of what's holding me back (my thoughts - ME!), and I have (for the first time in my life) some goals set that resonate with my heart.  It feels like I'm lighter - physically & most definately emotionally & mentally.  I can go on and on, but I just want to say a heart felt thank you from my soul to you, Carl!

    Corinne Fuller. Registered Nurse. Melbourne, Australia
  • Thank you Carl for opening my eyes to a new world around me. I have gained clarity and a heightened awareness of self that puts everything in a new perspective. I am having fun utilizing new tools and concepts learnt through life coaching in my everyday life and realizing with the right approach how much more I can get out of everyday. My future seems so much more exciting and my past more rewarding.

    Cathy Banner. Nurse. Brisbane, Australia
  • Working with Carl has provided me with the catalyst for change that I want to improve the quality of my life. A hands-on, no-nonsense approach, both challenges and inspires me to improve my experiences. Thanks for giving me the assistance to commence my journey.

    Peter Crane . Business Development Manager. Brisbane, Australia
  • I think Carl's personal development coaching was the perfect addition to a physical activity retreat. It just brings the whole experience of a healthy and active lifestyle one step further. It helped me look at the reasons behind my choices e.g. being overweight. Also to look inwards to get a more healthy soul. And help set objectives to work on after my return home. Carl is the kind of person that you instinctively know you can trust, and a person you want to tell things to. So if you have the chance to go on an adventurous journey with Carl, you should go. Your life will be richer for it.

    Sonja Meihack. Norway