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Life Masterclass: How to Get to Your Next Level of Success & Abundance with Carl Massy

Sat, 26th November 2016

Carl Massy Life Masterclass at The Practice in Bali



Here is a bit more insight into the format for the day (and why we are starting at 7am ;-)).


One trait that is common to many successful people is they have a very clear set of daily routines they perform and most of the time these are performed as morning rituals. So the first part of the day will be actively participating in the exact Daily Rituals that I practice, which includes meditation, journaling, gratitude exercises, energization exercises, mantra's, yoga, and prioritizing my day (plus others).


I am assuming that most of you have heard the idea about limiting beliefs negatively impacting our lives. Or that our beliefs can create self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives. Well this component of the day is not only understanding a lot more about beliefs, but also doing a powerful beleif activity to identify and process your core limiting belief. This will free energy, and also make you live and behave in a much less 'reactive' way.


I call this...getting CLARITY. It is so hard to say 'yes' or 'no' to opportunities or distractions in life if we don't know what we really really want. This is where we start unlocking that for you. We also go one step deeper, and ask 'why' you want this goal, to ensure it is actually YOUR goal. You wil also learn the 6 Steps to becoming an ELITE Goal Setter.


How you show up (that is, how you think, feel and behave) each and every day has an enormous impact on the life you create for yourself. What are your thought patterns? What are your language patterns? What are your behavioural patterns? How do you make choices? What choices do you make? Learn how to optimize your brain, mind and body, to get even better results that accumulate over time to be a whole new level of Success. ;-)



Morning Yoga Class

Vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Copy of 'The Guidebook to Happiness' by Carl Massy

1-Hr Coaching Session

Life Audit Program


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